S4 WORLDWIDE provides Public Safety Security and Surveillance Products with both Fixed and Mobile Real-Time situational awareness technologies. Using industry leading Video technology, environmentally friendly, solar and wind powered Trailer-Mounted systems, Real-Time live streaming Smart Body Cameras, Emergency Call Boxes, Drone and Counter-Drone capabilities as well as new-to-the-market Inmate Restraint Mitts, S4 Worldwide is able to support a complete Security Solution portfolio for our customers and partners that far and exceed the requirements for increased public safety while reducing operational efforts and liability.

The SentryTM technology was built in 2006 under a multi-million dollar R&D contract with the DOD-designed to provide real-time video and transponder data wirelessly to remotely located military personnel.

  • Live streaming video from anywhere

  • Real-Time GPS location

  • Extended battery life with solar, wind and fuel cell capabilities

  • Drone Detect and Defeat (DDF)

  • Remote access by PC, Android mobile device, iPad and iPhone

  • Day and night vision capabilities

  • Integrated sensors for motion, impact and sound detection

  • Automated notification of activity recorded by cameras

  • Extended archiving capabilities-onboard and remote

  • Autonomous geospatial analytics and data transfer

  • Scalable for custom applications


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1249 Pebble Hill Road,

Doylestown, PA 18901

Phone. +1 (267) 374-3833