S4 Worldwide’s Sentry Drone Video Security
and Surveillance Solution

The S4W Sentry Drone Video Security and Surveillance Solution provides real-time visibility and response into security and emergency situations for better control, precise intelligence gathering, comprehensive situational awareness, and more informed decision making. Providing customized, military-grade and commercial off the shelf aircraft uniquely designed for each customer environment supports a simple and effective, completely turnkey Aerial Mobile Video Solution that becomes an addition an extension of a customer’s existing Video Security Platform. S4W’s Aircraft technology consists of features such as:

• Live streaming video from anywhere

• Real-time GPS location and tracking

• Autonomous flight with unlimited waypoints

• Extended battery life with solar, wind and fuel cell capabilities

• Autonomous inductive charging via landing pad

• Remote access by PC, Android mobile device, iPad and iPhone

• Infra-Red Day/night vision camera with up to 4K video and 24 megapixel photos

• Dual operator controller for camera direction and drone flight

• Integrated sensors for motion, impact and sonar/sound detection

• Indoor position system with IR capabilities when GPS is unavailable

• Automated notification of activity recorded by cameras

S4W's Sentry Drone Solution is a highly customizable platform that provides a flexible and capable system to enhance and simplify Security Operations with real-time aerial video and imaging delivered directly to personnel on the ground, enabling more informed decision making in times of emergency situations or during routine patrols. Through programmable and repeatable missions, emergency response and security resources can utilize an automatic platform that autonomously deploys and lands the drone and collects aerial data to be processed and analyzed. These capabilities provide rapid, precise and reliable situational awareness for Disaster and Emergency Response Support, Law Enforcement, Transportation and Transit Authorities, Prison and Corrections Systems, Energy and Agriculture for uses spanning Real-Time Video Security Monitoring to Infrastructure Inspections, Land Surveying, Mapping, Fence Line, Perimeter and Rooftop Monitoring.

Infrastructure & Industrial Inspections with S4 Worldwide’s
Aerial Drone Inspection Solution

Using a portable and highly maneuverable small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) and platform with our proprietary system, S4 Worldwide’s (S4W) Sentry Aerial Drone Inspection Solution (SADIS) enables your team to quickly adjust and manage continual operations through the latest in Unmanned Aircraft Technology to safely and expeditiously inspect and monitor your energy, transportation, communication and structural infrastructures.

Inspections can be done quickly and on demand with live, precise, high resolution imagery transmitted immediately for on and offsite assessments allowing for real time operational decision making for your critical infrastructure and industrial systems. Asset Monitoring can now be carried out on a regular basis much more safely and cost effectively.

Our Sentry Aerial Drone Inspection Solutions can monitor and inspect in difficult places, limiting the risk of human interaction in unsafe areas. The solution disrupts traditional norms of conventional aerial inspection methods, providing unparalleled leadership in aerial technology and imaging capabilities. The solution is designed to capture an up‐close‐and‐personal accurate view while taking to the skies with the world's first fully integrated aerial system. It is equipped to monitor areas of concern, viewing them from angles not otherwise easy to access. The solution is built to transmit real‐time, precise, high resolution video and images with the only M4/3 camera built exclusively for aerial imaging; ready to take your Asset Inspection to new heights.

Whether you need help with your infrastructure inspections in the energy industry (solar panels, wind turbines, power lines), your transportation infrastructure inspections (rail lines, roads, tunnels, highways, canals, bridges, harbors, airports), your communications infrastructure inspections (cell phone towers, fiber optic cable installations) or your structural inspections (buildings, plants, rooftops), contact us to see how our Sentry Aerial Drone Inspection Solution can save you time and money while increasing staff safety and operational efficiencies.

About the Sentry Aerial Drone Inspection Solution

A precise, lightweight, independent and platform‐centric system, the Sentry Aerial Drone Inspection Solution offers an affordable and precise infrastructure and industrial inspection system using a combination of thermal and digital cameras, GPS, conventional ground surveys, 3D mapping and aero-triangulation for UAV flights.


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