Sentry Mobile Gate Solution

• SENTRY GATE is towable behind a pickup and can be deployed in 15 to 20 minutes.

• Self-sustaining Power Supply via solar panels and battery bank

• Remote Controllable by PC, Android mobile device, iPad or iPhone

• Integrated day-night cameras and touchpad for security code

• Entry notification of gate activity sent by email

• Archiving and on-demand retrieval of gate activity

• SENTRY Gate is a vehicle access control system that never sleeps, doesn’t get sick, and always shows up for work!

Control entry at low to moderate risk vehicle checkpoints autonomously and automatically, while still providing you real time visibility and control!

Sentry Mobile Gate - Features

On The Go

• Capable of being towed into place, the Sentry Gate provides increased security, quick deployment, and easy operation onsite quickly raising the alert level in the first and only all-electric portable barrier.

Above-Ground Components

• The Sentry Gate’s hinge buttress drop beam and receiver buttress are located above ground, making it ideally suited for harsh environments and locations where excavation is prohibited.

Customizable Control System

• The barrier is PLC controlled for easy programming and integration into overall perimeter control systems.

Electric Drive System

• The complete drive system is electric. The Sentry Gate uses clean, proven and reliable electric motors alleviating all of the operational maintenance and costs associated with hydraulic devices. Servo electric motors are incredibly reliable and fast.

Easy to Install

• The barrier is fully assembled, tested in-house and drop-shipped to you.. The installation of every Sentry Gate is supervised by experienced field engineers to ensure the system complies with customer's specifications.

Sentry Mobile Gate - Specifications


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1249 Pebble Hill Road,

Doylestown, PA 18901

Phone. +1 (267) 374-3833